Episode 8 – Edwina Lucero


edwinaimage“I see them survive through the inherit grit that they bring every day with them to the classroom – a skill I don’t need to teach them.”

Fast Facts about Edwina

  1. Full name: Edwina Lucero
  2. Years teaching: 13
  3. Grades taught: 9-12
  4. City: Denver Metro area
  5. Favorite resources:
  6. Favorite books:
  7. Listen to Edwina’s Music!

Why Music Education is so Important, according to Edwina!

Edwina has taught classroom music in the Denver metro area for the last 13 years, in private, public, and public charter schools.  After completing her Master’s degree in music education at the University of Colorado, her focus has been on how to provide equitable access to robust arts programming for under-served populations.  She lives in Arvada with her husband, two children, and a bossy miniature schnauzer. When asked about her thoughts on the importance of music education and her feelings about the current state of arts education in politics, here is what she had to say:

“I am inspired by my students at the high school I teach at in Denver, Colorado.  My students are primarily Latino/Hispanic, and a large percentage are children of undocumented parents, or are undocumented themselves.  I see these young people defeat the odds every single day.  

I see them survive through the inherit grit that they bring every day with them to the classroom – a skill I don’t need to teach them.  I see them dream and hope and love and create.  I also see them fear and wonder what the future brings.  These young people inspire me to be an active citizen – as the saying goes, we will never be truly free until we all share the same rights as you and me.

The arts are the avenue I travel with these young people. It is on that road that we are able to intersect with things like human spirit, empathy, empowerment, and knowledge of self.  This country is full of free-thinking, critical-thinking, and forward-thinking people. Regardless of your politics, the arts are an integral part of our existence. Whether you are celebrating triumphantly or marching in resistance, you are doing so to the beat of some drum – the music, the art, the expression of self – they are part of who you are.

We cannot allow the tyranny of fear to overtake our culture. Now is the time to write, sing, play, dance, sculpt, and create our destiny.”

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