Episode 3 – Melissa Asencio


melissaascencio“If you open yourself up and get yourself to a place where you’re putting everything out on the table and saying, ‘this is who I am as a person,’ they [your students] will show you their cards too.” – Melissa Asencio

Fast Facts about Melissa

  1. Full Name: Melissa Asencio
  2. Years teaching: 16 years in total, with 12 spent as a lead teacher and four in administration or other educational capacity
  3. Grades taught: 6th-11th grade in all core subject areas. Melissa has also taught adult education as well.
  4. Current Position: 8th Grade English Teacher
  5. Why teach: I teach because I know it makes a difference
  6. Favorite books:

*Another fast fact about Melissa is that she hid out in her car from her two young children during this interview, leaving them inside with their dad in order to take the time to chat with teachers uninterrupted. She was also so determined to her commitment to this interview that she continued on despite a cold that made her voice, “sound like a man…” as she adeptly put it. Thank you Melissa!


7 thoughts on “Episode 3 – Melissa Asencio

  1. Anon says:

    What to do though when the “this too shall pass” mentality sets your students up for failure? But I suppose that’s not a new teacher question.


    • Melissa Barroso Asencio says:

      Great question! I think the first thing that comes to mind is that we have to clarify what we mean when say “set our children up for failure”. Oftentimes as teachers we are not often privy to all the rationale that goes into the initiatives that are rolled out in a school environment. That lack of communication understandably can generate unnecessary frustration. However, even when there are things that are clearly out of our control (and there always will be), the important thing is to focus on the ways we can be an engine for change. “This too shall pass” is not to imply that we throw our proverbial hands up and admit defeat, but to choose to focus on how we can positively affect for equitable change within the system in which we teach.


  2. Jennifer says:

    Great question. I think that this type of “this too shall pass” mentality has helped me in the moment to tell myself to take a deep breath and that it will be ok. Sometimes just knowing that may help a new teacher continue to try their hardest for their students. Mel, what do you think?


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