Episode 2 – Dana Graham


img_9177“It’s not how you fall, it’s how you get back up!” – Dana Graham

Fast Facts about Dana Graham

  1. Full name: Dana Graham
  2. Years as an educator: 8 years in the classroom, 2 years as an administrator
  3. Positions held: Classroom teacher, Teacher on Special Assignment, Academic Dean, Interim Principal and currently as Assistant Principal.
  4. Grades Taught: K-6 in the classroom, TK-6 as an administrator
  5. Schools Dana taught in:
    • Past:
      • Piedmont Avenue Elementary School, Oakland Unified School District
      • Castlemont Community Transformation Schools, Charter
    • Present: Warm Springs Elementary School, Fremont Unified School District (Grades 3-6, 1,120 students)
  6. How can new teachers reach out to you? By email!
  7. Why teach: I am an educator because I am passionate about educating all children, regardless of ability, socioeconomic status, or any other mitigating factors, because all children deserve a high quality school experience.
  8. Favorite books:

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