Episode 1 – Andrea Burke

“It’s a very special profession in that way – that you don’t really understand it unless you’re in it!” – Andrea Burke andrea_burke

Fast Facts about Andrea Burke

  1. Full Name: Andrea M. Burke
  2. Years teaching: 14
  3. Grade(s) taught: 5-7
  4. Current position: Dean of Students
  5. City, State: Los Angeles, CA
  6. What are your favorite teacher resources?
    Class Dojo, readwritethink.org, Achieve 3,000 or Newsela, Google Classroom, Donors Choose, Think it Up!, Pinterest, Weo-io, and Scholastic Book Clubs.
  7. Noteworthy teacher conference: ISTE!
  8.  How can new teachers follow up with you? ms.dreab@gmail.com or @00dreday00 on Twitter.
  9. Why teach? To bring equity and quality to education in our Los Angeles schools!
  10. Favorite books?
    • Personal: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Better Smith
    • Professional: The First Days of School: How to be an Effective Teacher, by Harry Wong

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