Chat with Teachers aims to build a collection of online teacher mentors sharing tips and strategies that work for them, their own personal “a-ha” moments, and their journey as an educator. It is without a doubt that student success depends wholly on teacher success – and it is with this in mind that we must value teacher voice and narratives. From all walks of life, teachers are as diverse and unique as their students. Chat with teachers ensures that teachers have a platform to voice their unique perspectives and “uplift the entire teaching profession.

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…You’re an amazing teacher, Mel! You discuss so many important concepts for new teachers, especially being comfortable being yourself. I was so lucky to get here some of your advice! – Kimberly Johnson, Teacher @ New York City Department of Education

I definitely just listened to the entire thing! …

Jennifer! I love your work, passion and vision for sharing teacher ‘voice’ by creating your own movement. I would love to be apart of the conversation and your mission. Ironically, I have established a unique movement in my own class that fosters pastorial care and social/emotional learning. Your work is inspiring and I’ve been listening to your podcast all morning. Continue being the voice and light for so many! – Phil S. Quinlan, Middle School Social Studies Teacher (Scottsville, MI)

Continue being the voice and light for so many!